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Deli & Sliced Breads

Premium sandwich bread, wholesome and delicious, the next best thing to home made. Choose from traditional recipes for white, wheat, and rye, or try our other varieties including our popular multigrain bread. From our ovens to your table, St. Armands Baking Company consistently delivers the best deli style sandwich bread products on the market.

Burger & Kaiser Buns

A variety of fresh buns and rolls available plain or options like brioche, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, cornmeal, or for that unique snowflake effect, dusted with a little flour. When it comes to the finest hamburger buns and Kaiser rolls, St. Armands Baking Company delivers.

Hoagies & Subs

For the finest hero, hoagie, or submarine sandwich, make sure the bread was baked by St. Armands Baking Company. We are proud to offer the widest selection of varying sizes and varieties of long bread sandwich rolls on the market. Hearty rolls full of flavor. It’s the most important part of the sandwich.

Croissants & Pastries

Fresh Croissants, Danishes, Turnovers, Banana Breads, Muffins and More. Order from our line of delicious pastry products. Serve and satisfy your customer needs with quality products. Our selection of pastries are sure to delight the senses.

Dinner Rolls &  Slider Buns

The perfect compliment to enhance your customers’ dining experience. For the ultimate dinner roll, club roll, cluster roll, breadstick, or slider, make St. Armands Baking Company your bread delivery choice. Our dinner rolls taste great with any meal.

Bagels & Wraps

Our wraps make for a great product for your needs. We produce a variety of high quality flavors like Plain, Spinach, Wheat, Pico de Gallo & Tomato that are created with the customer needs in mind. See wraps and other specialty items we carry.

Artisan Breads

Choose from our dynamic selection including favorites like focaccia, chiabatta, regular and mini panalettes, large and small round breads, bastoni bread, or try more traditional offerings like old world French and Cuban bread. Whatever your choice, always remember that we are committed to delivering the freshest and tastiest bread products on the market.

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